My Satisfied Clients


 “We found the perfect property, but eleven other people wanted it, too. We trusted Nathan’s advice and made an offer over the asking price. We almost didn't win the bidding war; however Nathan’s negotiating skills not only got us into our home, but also got an additional $10,000 back from the seller.”

-Jason & Crystal Melendez
“We found our new home sooner than we thought possible because Nathan really listened to us and only showed us properties that we wanted to see and could afford. He has always been there to answer our questions before our purchase, and even now after we have moved in. He was also able to negotiate a price much lower than we could have ever imagined. Buying our first home was a wonderful experience, all thanks to Nathan.”
-Nathan Chung and Joy Du
“Nathan negotiated an amazing deal for us! We bought our home for $40,000 under appraised value, WOW!”
-Iain Davidson & Amanda DeDios
“I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a home for a while and when I finally decided to make the first step I knew Nathan would be the one helping me along my journey.
Nathan is reliable, organized, pays attention to the details and is persistent. He was very supportive throughout my search for a home that fit my needs. He did an excellent job on providing me with information on each property and educating me on the pros and cons of both. He also expressed great patience in dealing with both my Mortgage Consultant and a very opinionated family member.
In the end, Nathan’s professionalism and expertise were able to reduce my final purchase price. Thanks Nathan!”
-John Gillilan
“Nathan was a great real estate agent. He's very professional, thorough and personable which allows him to establish a good rapport with the selling agent. He can then leverage that communication channel along with his knowledge of the ins and outs of tweaking items in the offer to give you the edge even when your offer is below asking or not the highest offer on the table. I was able to get my property for $15K below asking. He's also a great guide through the seemingly murky and complex process of purchasing a home, explaining each step along the way.”
-Jeremy Patterson
“Nathan helped me purchase my first home. He is very dedicated to his clients. He made sure he understood exactly what I was looking for, that it was within my price range, and that the process was as convenient for me as possible. I always felt that he had my best interests at heart, very honest and always available when I had questions or concerns. He was there with me every step of the way until the day I got my keys. And, the best part was my offer was accepted even though it came in $15,000 lower than the highest offer. You’re the best!”
-Tiffany Trinh
“My wife Christina and I recently moved to San Jose from Denver, Colorado, and we were more than anxious about looking for a home to purchase in the Bay Area, given how complex the market is here. We were lucky enough to be connected with Nathan Nahouraii. Christina and I found Nathan to be an absolute joy to work with. He is a very professional and seasoned agent, and we were amazed at how much attention he gave to understanding our individual needs.
With Nathan’s thorough understanding of the Bay Area real estate market, he was able to help us locate several properties that matched not only what we wanted, but also what we could afford. Nathan’s methodical approach to helping us zero in on a home was instrumental in allowing Christina and I to close on our first home together within four weeks. Furthermore, Nathan’s commitment to quality and attention to detail helped to ensure that we didn’t hit any roadblocks along the way or encounter any unexpected surprises in the process.
We’re thankful for the top-notch service and support Nathan Nahouraii provided to us, and are confident that you’ll receive the same quality service that we have received. If you have any questions about our experience with Nathan Nahouraii, please do not hesitate to contact us.”
-Joel & Christina Christner
"We had done some property searches before contacting Nathan. However, as recent arrivals to California, we wanted some help understanding the relatively foreign market of Bay Area real estate. Other agents that we encountered during our search ignored our specific requirements and focused on generic needs (schools, etc). Nathan did not pressure us into feeling like we had to pay for more house than we could afford. He also did a good job of quickly understanding our needs and helped us narrow our search down. Nathan's personality was a good match for us. He was patient with our requests to see potential homes at all hours to fully understand the noises, potential neighbors, traffic, etc. In addition, Nathan helped us grapple with some tricky HOA issues."
-Greg and Paige Thelen
“After renting a home together for 6 months, my boyfriend Philip and I were ready to make the transition together from renters to homeowners. While we both have full-time jobs and feel that we are financially secure, buying a home in California was an intimidating venture for both of us. Coupled with the fact we both travel several weeks of the month for work, we knew the process would be a challenge.
However, just one month after looking at available condos in the East Bay Area with Nathan Nahouraii, we are moved into our new home. Nathan helped us find the perfect condo in a complex we’d had our eye on for several months and worked with us and our lender to put in a rush order for our new home.
We spent one Saturday driving through Pleasanton and Dublin with Nathan, looking at available condos while Nathan versed us in real estate practices and what we should be looking for in each home; that day, we found “the one” and told Nathan we were ready to go for it. He spent the rest of his weekend working with us to put together an offer, and sent it to seller’s agent Sunday night. By Tuesday, our offer had been accepted and we were off and running.
Nathan held our hands throughout the contingency period, even supervising the house inspections and keeping us up to date on all the steps we needed to take. Philip and I felt very secure through the process and were confident Nathan would not let anything slip. Two weeks after our offer was accepted, we signed our loan papers and Nathan sat with us through that process as well, answering questions about HOA documents, the title, etc.
Thanks to great support from Nathan and our lender, we closed escrow 10 days early and moved into our new home four days after closing. Philip and I are very happy in our new place and with our first home-buying experience. We knew Nathan would not let us down, and he stepped up and offered us better service and support than we ever expected.
Once we are ready to move on from our small first-home condo, we will definitely enlist Nathan’s services to find our next home.”
-Philip & Emily Scholz
“I can, without hesitation, recommend Nathan Nahouraii as your Real Estate Agent. As soon as Nathan knew what I was looking for in a home, he was focused on helping me find something as close as possible to my ideal space. He gave me the attention I wanted to find and looked through all the possibilities.
Nathan did a wonderful job of managing his time spent with me. I never felt put off, or insignificant. Paperwork was done in an efficient manner, and when obstacles occurred, which often happen in real estate, Nathan did his best to help me work through them. He strived to make things as smooth as possible. He represented me very well during negotiations with the other brokers and agents involved.
Our business relationship is respectful and professional. He is friendly and knowledgeable in his field. If he doesn't have an answer, he will research the subject until he finds one for you. Months after the deal was closed, he still makes time for my questions, and checks to make sure that everything is going well in my new home. He even threw my Housewarming Party for me! I have no doubts that you will receive the same prompt, considerate, and warm level of customer service from Nathan as I have.”
-Dawn Marie
“We met Nathan at an open house, and felt a connection right away. He was very consistent and reliable in his responses. It took us almost a year and half to find the perfect home. In that time span, Nathan has always been very supportive and encouraging. Nathan walked to each potential property with us, and always had all the information. Nathan provided us with the comparison data to help us make a better decision. Nathan handled the situation very well when we were about to close a contract, and decided to go with another house. Nathan's help and support made our decision easier. We were very fortunate to work with such an amazing person. Even after we moved into our home, Nathan has always been there to answer any questions we had as new home owners. It was a pleasure working with Nathan, and will definitely recommend him to our friends.”
-Tulsi Patel
“I wanted to take advantage of the most optimal time in the market for home buyers along with grabbing that first-time home buyer tax credit before it expired in April...that meant I needed to find a home fast, fast, fast! My friend told me about Nathan.
I felt like his #1 client! Nathan returns calls very quickly, and responds to emails and text messages within minutes to at most an hour or two. He's really on top of his game and very efficient. He doesn't like to waste his time and he sure won't waste yours.
Nathan grew up in the south bay, so he's very familiar with the market and its trends. He'll help you find the home that suits your needs and he wants to make sure that you are happy with the home and location you chose.
I used Nathan's website to research homes and gave him a list of my choices. He gave me more information on the status of each listing, whether they were approved short sales, pending litigation, etc. Nathan's not pushy at all, and he's very patient and took the time to educate me on the good and bad on bidding on short sales, potential resale value, and neighborhood info.
We checked out about ten to fifteen units in three different condo developments. I was very picky trying to find the most optimal place to live and he was VERY patient with me, along with dealing with the restrictions I had in my home choices since I could only purchase FHA approved homes.
I decided to go with a new construction condo and he came with me to negotiate the purchase price with the seller representative. He worked closely with Judy Hamilton, my loan officer, to make sure I was within my price range. He helped me understand all the purchase documents I had to sign, and that was a mighty large stack! He kept in touch during the loan approval process to help expedite and
Follow up between the different parties handling my loan. I had a small crisis with some of my documentation and he was willing to meet up with me to get that fixed. Talk about exemplary service!
The home buying process is a big investment and very stressful! I was almost ready to give up, but Nathan helped me through the whole thing and helped me find my condo! Yay!
-Lorace Rimando
“You have been awesome to say the least! Your professionalism, caring and fun personality has made my experience of buying my first home unforgettable. I have referred you to everyone I know and posted your information on the Military Circle to ensure anyone that is in need of a realtor has your contact info. to make their experience as great as mine. I look forward to a lifelong friendship. Thank you so much.”
-Roxanne Stern
“I have nothing but the best to say about Nathan. He's astute to the type of properties I wanted to see, and made the experience very enjoyable. I felt fortunate to have an agent like Nathan to help me through the housing craziness that was 2009. I felt at ease with Nathan through the entire process even though this was my first home.”
-Chris Soule
“Nathan is awesome to work with because he is an excellent communicator and demonstrates this through his ability to get results fast. His background including experience, professionalism and guidance are superior.
I highly recommend Nathan as your Realtor. Not to mention he is a great guy that everyone should know.”
-Daniel Robertson
“Thanks Nathan for doing such a great job and getting us the home we really wanted even though we weren't even the highest bid! We couldn't have done it without you!”
-The Lavergnes
“As a first-time homebuyer, I was intimidated by the process and unsure of what I could really afford. Nathan did an outstanding job from start to finish providing me with a high level of personalized service as I purchased my house. His attention to detail, strategic thought, ethics, follow up skills and knowledge of the market exceeded my expectations. Nathan grew up in a real estate family, and it is clear he loves his job. Beyond just being a realtor, Nathan has also become a good friend. I highly recommend Nathan for any of your real estate transactions, whether as a buyer, seller, or investor.”
-Lee Roberson
“Nathan is a wonderful real estate professional. I was comfortable with every step of the process, as he explained everything and answered all the questions I had. He stayed in contact and helped me out long after I expected. I would enthusiastically recommend Nathan to anyone looking to buy a house. Everyone who has seen my house is amazed and there is no way I would have found or gotten into my house without him. The results speak for themselves.”
-Sam Krow-Lucal
“I was extremely nervous shopping for a home, and Nathan was very encouraging and sensitive to my needs. Nathan provided several recommendations for me from mortgage lenders to financial planning assistance; his connections are as reliable as he is. I trust Nathan; he is ethical, knowledgeable, committed and motivated. Nathan went out of his way to accommodate my requests and made me feel comfortable during this incredibly nerve racking experience.
I would recommend Nathan as a realtor to anyone looking for a home whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced one, whether you are looking for a high end property or a moderate townhouse, his knowledge is evident and his attention to detail makes him very competitive in this market.”
-Elyse McDermott
“Trust is the most important factor in selecting a real estate agent. I used Nathan to purchase a property from over 2,400 miles away. His ability to understand clearly my concerns and what I was looking for enabled me to buy an investment property in the Bay Area while never having to leave my home on the other side of the country. His dedication to making the deal happen is second to none, and three months after the purchase I came to see my house for the first time and it was exactly as Nathan had described. I would gladly refer him to anyone looking for an honest and trustworthy real estate professional who excels at listening to your needs and delivering on your goals.”
-Bharat Bhushan
“Nathan, we would like to thank you for your assistance in the sale of our property in Menlo Park. As our realtor, we found you to be both knowledgeable and professional. You were a great help in giving us advice and guidance as we ventured on this journey. Thank you for protecting our interest as well as the buyers’, always making sure the inspections took place and reports were completed to make the transition as smooth as possible. Thanks for encouraging us along the way when we weren’t sure what to expect. A few bumps and curves…but we were comfortable asking questions and sharing our concerns with you.
We enjoyed working with you Nathan. We knew you were working for us to make the experience a good one. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and anyone we know that needs a ‘GREAT’ realtor and friend. Thank You So Much!”
-Lee and Gail Swander
“Our experience with Nathan selling our house was fantastic. A little background information here would be that when my mom passed away a few years ago, I inherited the home I grew up in. We rented it to a couple of friends and that did not work out, so we tried again with a couple of different friends. This worked out better until it was time for them to move closer to family in a different state. My husband and I decided we had had enough of the landlord business and it was time to sell. Nathan stepped up and said I can take care of everything for you, consider it sold.
Sure enough, we had inspections done and a few minor repairs taken care of and then we put the house on the market. Four days later an offer was in. Day five, the house was sold. Escrow closed in 2 ½ weeks, and everyone got what they wanted.
This was a hard decision for me as it was the house I spent about half of my life in and there was a lot of history and emotions involved. Nathan took the time and had the patience to make this happen in a nice, quick, clean manner.
We could not have asked for more. We highly recommend Nathan for your real estate needs.”
-Kim and Randy Gallagher
“I thought I would take a moment and acknowledge how easy and fun it was to sell our home with you. You at all times were extremely thorough in anticipating what was to occur and your communication was always clear and easy to understand. I am still amazed how we declared how the purchase would occur and within what timeline to anticipate, AMAZING. I would feel no hesitation referring to you, everybody and anybody that wished to sell their home. Thanks again for an extraordinary job in selling such a large home in 40 days.”
-Carlos and Kelley Posada
“Making the decision to sell our house was foreboding enough for us, let alone having to find another house AND find a reliable realtor. We came across Nathan when he was holding an open house in our area. His professional and friendly approach was evident at the start, and his dedication to getting the job done became more apparent as the process continued. Nathan's extensive knowledge of the housing market in our area meant that there was no guesswork.
Nathan's willingness to work with our needs and time constraints, and his abilities to negotiate with other agents made the whole process easier. Nathan uses all the resources available to him to commit to his task and willingly goes out of his way to achieve results.
Our working relationship with Nathan was respectful and professional, but also very friendly. Nathan is down to earth and has a burning desire to succeed, and his follow up is second to none, even now. His commitment level and desire to succeed are what put him above the rest. You are not just a client with Nathan, you are a respected part of the business process, and a friend.
We highly recommend Nathan Nahouraii as your real estate agent. If you want the job done properly and with the utmost attention to detail, he is your man. Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask any questions.”
-Steve Shead
“I want to thank you on behalf of my wife and me for the professional services you provided in connection with the listing and sale of my mother-in-law’s home at 485 Quail Bush Ct. While you came highly recommended by someone we know, your professionalism, knowledge of the local real estate market, diligence and attention to every detail far exceeded our expectations. The property was both fairly priced and sold quickly in a difficult market. Obviously this sale lifted a load off our shoulders. I must mention that my mother-in-law is now very happy at the senior independent living facility she moved to.
Our very best wishes to you for your continued success in your real estate endeavors.”
-Samuel Samson
“My husband and I each owned a place prior to getting married; Nathan helped us sell both places in different time periods and was able to get us the house of our dreams, even though the house had twelve other offers! Nathan has been an excellent agent for all three transactions and we recommend him to all of our friends and family. He's an expert in the real estate field and his professionalism exceeded our expectations.”
-Jason and Crystal Melendez
“Nathan became not just a valuable Realtor providing every aspect of support to help me with the sale of my home, but also a kind, generous and invaluable friend being available to listen, provide guidance and assurance my home sale was in good hands. I didn't have to worry or be concerned that my situation was to falter. Nathan made sure to contact me regularly assisting me with my needs at any given time. Listening to his valuable expertise along with his patience and worldly wisdom allowed for the sale of my home in almost a miraculous way. Not only was my home sale a huge success, but I felt good about how overwhelmingly my home was received by the buyers. It was time for me to leave my home and time for my home to have new owners to give it new memories and Nathan truly made that all happen. It was a pleasurable and authentic experience not to mention Nathan's professional ethics in his field.”
-Andrea Gera
“I am writing to express my pleasure with real estate professional Nathan Nahouraii, who represented me in the recent sale of my single-family home on .37 acres in San Jose, California.
Nathan guided me through the entire process, from clearly defining profit margins, evaluating serious development proposals into four single family homes, handling challenging tenant issues with ease, and closing the deal for a generous profit with a cash buyer overseas that Nathan discovered. I appreciate Nathan's talented negotiation skills, attentiveness to detail and most importantly his personal connection.
This was my first investment property sale, and I felt a great deal of partnership with Nathan. He is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out.
To reiterate, I am nothing but pleased with Nathan and his expertise and I recommend him to everyone.”
-Erin Tjoe
“Nathan is the BEST.
Due to a job transfer we moved to Arizona. We kept and rented our house in Santa Clara just in case we wanted to move back to the Bay Area; after a year we decided we would sell our home.
A very good friend of ours recommended Nathan and I am glad she did. I was very impressed with Nathan from our first phone conversation and throughout the entire selling process. Our main concern with selling our home was the fact we now lived 750 miles away, but Nathan took care of everything. He met with our tenant and set up a showing schedule that would maximize the time the home was available to show but not inconvenience our tenant; he was also at all the home inspections that had been scheduled. He did an excellent job of marketing our home, he had it sold in 60 days and we also got a very good price even in a down market. As I said earlier Nathan is the best and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs.”
-Rusty Wilcox

 “No other realtor will make you feel like you are his one and only client, responding to your calls and emails ASAP!  Walking you through the process from start to finish and not allowing you to get ahead of yourself in any situation.  He will assert patience when needed and charge straight ahead when the timing is right.

Nathan is young and enthusiastic and grew up in the business.  So you get the best of both worlds, high energy and experience.  

Also, Nathan has experienced almost every type of loan situation out there and will not shy away from anything that he may not have encountered before.  He took on a new type of loan and an unknown neighborhood for my house and still saved me big money in the long run.  

I highly recommend working with Nathan and wouldn't have done things any differently.  Don't make the mistake of settling for somebody who doesn't return your phone calls or emails until they feel like it!”

Jen R.


“We want to thank Nathan for professional and caring that he displayed while representing us on the sale of our house, being that it was a difficult area to sell, Nathan was always there and went above and beyond to make sure that we got the best show and the best offer, he was always ready to listen and explain questions and concerns we had, Nathan took care of the extra things that needed to be done always with a smile and never made us feel like bothering him.”
“Nathan also represented us in the buying or our new place, and even when it was a new area for him, he was fantastic when we went to see the properties, his knowledge of properties and on how to look for things that might not be the right choice amazed us”
Overall, we would highly recommend Nathan to anyone, he is professional, caring and very knowledgeable.

Thank You Nathan!

Henrietta Silveirahome


“As a first time home buyer, I had done some online research and went to a couple of open houses, but I was far from an expert in the home-buying process.  Then I started working with Nathan and consider myself very lucky to have had him as my real estate agent.  He educated me about the whole process, answered all of my questions, provided his input and guidance, and did it all in a way that was so easy to understand.
And talk about having patience with me!  We looked at more than 3 dozen properties over the course of almost 1 full year in 3 or 4 different cities in the south bay!  All because I was such a rookie and wanted to see everything that was out there to help me identify what I wanted in my own place and give me confidence that I would “know” the right home for me when I saw it.  Nathan worked with me the whole time and always provided invaluable information about the locations and neighborhoods, and would point out the different features of each place and how they compared to previous properties we’d seen.  It’s amazing how he remembered the places we already saw, especially considering how many we looked at.  It’s also great that I never once got any “bad vibes” from Nathan for taking up what I now realize was a significant amount of his time.
He is very easy to talk to, very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  His website was great for setting up my housing search and it was the go-to site for me to identify properties I was interested in seeing.
In the end, the condo I ended up buying was one that Nathan found for me before it even officially went on the market. He saw it and immediately thought the place was perfect for me, and he was right.  I bought it and now it’s been 2 years and the condo is great!”

Mark Tanaka


“When we started looking to enter the real estate market and purchase our first house, we were not very familiar with the steps that went into home buying. Nathan explained things, was patient with us and answered all our questions. He made us feel very relaxed about the whole process. We were very impressed by his responsiveness (including guiding us through the bidding process while he was on vacation!) and knowledge of the local real estate market. With his help, our search for a home went much more smoothly and painlessly than we could have hoped for. He helped us find a house in a neighborhood that we thought was out of our reach, and was instrumental in helping our bid be accepted. In addition, our home needed some significant remodeling and he was able to recommend competent and reasonably priced contractors for some of the work. We would not hesitate to recommend him to other potential homeowners and would certainly use his real estate advice in the future.”

Julie and Tim Derouin