Office Manager

Sally Omran works as the primary office manager helping with many daily tasks including, database entry, website updates, virtual tours, email blasts and other special ongoing projects. She also knows the inventory of homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and concentrates on finding off market property for buyers in our VIP program that other agents cannot or will not show you. She is also in charge of our blog and newsletter, which brings more clients to our site every day.


Transaction Specialist

Diana Nahouraii monitors the daily progress of each of our closings and current listings to ensure early identification and resolution of problems as they arise. She has successfully closed many properties and has developed her exclusive “problem checklist,” ensuring that every problem we know about will be dealt with earlier than agents without this checklist.


Marketing Specialist

Joshua Nahourai implements our social networking strategies, specifically social media marketing (SMM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Simply put, his goal is to find buyers for our sellers, and sellers for our buyers, who are out there in the digital social web. This is why we are able to sell 20% of our listing inventory without ever going on the Multiple Listing Service.

  Post Sale Litigation Reducer

Vickie Cook is the expert at double and triple checking that all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed. She uses checklists to ensure that all signatures and necessary paperwork are in order prior to any closing, and that all the paperwork is archived for a minimum of seven years, effectively protecting you from most of the problems that can arise after you buy or sell your property.

  Lenders in the South Bay and Peninsula

FHA-VA Loan Specialist 

Shashank Shekhar has been specializing in government financing (FHA-VA) and knows how to get the best loan for any client putting less than 20% down. Call his company, Arcus Lending, at (408) 615-0655 and ask him for the special services that he gives to Nathan’s clients.


Super Conforming/Jumbo 

Lucy McGuire handles all my single-family residences to four-plexs in the higher price ranges. She will take care of the details from your dream home to your small investment. Let her show you how the smartest people in real estate buy. You can reach her by calling (408) 872-8100. She can also help with 5-units or more. Let her show you how the big investors do it!


East Bay Lender

Eileen Borton is my specialist for lending in the East Bay Area, and she is exceptional at not taking “No” for an answer. She can help with much of the needed creative financing out there in this tough lending environment. You can reach her at (925) 600-2034.


Property Warranty Professional

Toni Burrows-Monaco handles every single home warranty application. The company Hisco/CRES Home Warranty has proven to be a long standing company with great policies for both buyers and sellers at reasonable costs. Call (800) 831-8200 to get your home warranty from Hisco.


Property Inspection Team Member

Perry Farnum has been performing home inspections in the south bay since ’97, performed over 6,000 inspections, is a licensed general contractor and has over 25 years of general construction, remodeling, and home repair experience. Call him 408-866-5700.


Certified Public Accountant

Scott Watters can show you accounting tricks of the trade. He’s the guy I go to to get my personal and business taxes done, and can be reached at (408) 200-1929.


Termite Professional

Will McCoy is the best termite inspector in the area. He has been doing roughly 3 inspections per day for 22 years straight in the family owned and run business The Terminators. Give them a call at (408) 298-3930 to get all of your termite needs taken care of promptly and professionally.


Escrow Company

Lori Fredericks has been an escrow officer since 1985 and has been with Fidelity National Title Co since 1989 and has been the office manager since 2007. With over 31,000+ closed escrows under her belt I don’t know anyone better to handle your escrow and closing. Call her office 408-996-7177 and let her know you were referred by Nathan.


Chris Ricketts is the guy responsible for making all our listings appear so realistic both in print and online. He specializes in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography which produces the most vivid pictures currently attainable. Call him at (916) 549-5982 for a consultation. 



Stephen Varga has been conducting appraisals since 1997. His company has set the standard for 24 hour turn times, and specialize in providing appraisals for estate planning, divorce, and everything in between. They can be contact at (866) 368-1004 or


Estate Attorney

Marc Shea is an excellent real estate attorney specializing in trusts, land contracts and general counsel. Call him at (408) 298-6611 with any of your questions and be sure to mention you are a client of Nathan’s. He’ll take care of you and make you feel like family.